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Specification of special hexagonal steel pipe

Back to list Source: Release date: December 19, 2019

The special-shaped hexagonal steel pipe is a more conventional shape of special-shaped steel pipe, and the most common one in the market is hexagonal steel pipe. Basically, it can be produced by different manufacturers of special-shaped steel pipe, but the process and technology of each manufacturer are different, and the product quality is different It will be different. that Specification of special hexagonal steel pipe What is the representation of?

 Specification of special hexagonal steel pipe

different Type hexagonal steel pipe specification

Special shaped hexagonal angle steel Tube specification It can be divided into small diameter and large diameter. The production difficulty of small diameter hexagonal steel pipe is generally more complicated than that of large diameter. Small diameter hexagonal steel pipe refers to the outer diameter of less than 100 mm, and the large diameter refers to the outer diameter of more than 100 mm. The specification range of special hexagonal steel pipe produced by Tianzhan steel pipe is from 6 to 100 mm, and the wall thickness is from 1 to 20 mm.

Specification of special hexagonal steel pipe It is generally expressed according to the distance between two parallel sides of steel pipe or the distance between two corresponding angles. In addition, the inner hole size of hexagonal steel pipe is also required. If it is a steel pipe with outer hexagon and inner circle, the circular size of inner hole must be provided. In addition, the angle value r of hexagonal steel pipe is also very important. The angle value represents the size of this angle, which is generally from R5 to R1. If the value is smaller, it means that the angle is sharper. The minimum angle of Tianzhan steel pipe can reach R1. A complete specification of special-shaped hexagonal steel pipe: the size of side-to-side and angle diagonal 30 * 33 * 21 * r1.5 should be provided at the same time. The more complete the size provided by the customer in the inquiry, the manufacturer's quotation will be more accurate.  

Production process of Tianzhan special hexagonal steel pipe

Round steel Warehousing inspection cutting-- Perforation inspection pickling inspection cold drawing inspection annealing inspection straightening inspection warehousing. The inspection of Tianzhan is strictly selected by the staff During labor With inspection, cold drawing need to go through many experiments, and then continue to mass production, finished product root quality inspection, the purpose is to let customers use peace of mind, ease of worry, improve customer yield.

Specification of special hexagonal steel pipe Tianzhan steel pipe 15 years of professional custom-made special-shaped hexagonal steel pipe, complete specifications, welcome the majority of customers to consult and understand.

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