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 Tianzhan steel pipe products are widely used and the effect proves the strength

Tianzhan steel pipe is a long-term steel pipe supply for most anchor rod manufacturers

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It is used for anchor bolt and support in national major projects such as tunnel, track and high-speed railway. It is suggested by our technician that 40Cr alloy steel should be used instead of the original steel. Under the high requirements of meeting and exporting to European and American countries, the comprehensive cost is reduced for customers. all the time, Tianzhan steel pipe Long term supply of anchor steel pipe for anchor rod production enterprises.

Technical difficulties of alloy bolt steel pipe 】:

1. The strength of steel pipe is too high and easy to crack;

2. High temperature rolling and rapid cold bonding are adopted in the general market, which consumes high energy and electricity;

3. Alloy steel seamless steel pipe is more difficult to produce than carbon steel.

The original customer used 16Mn, 45 steel As the raw material of anchor steel pipe In the follow-up, under the technical advice of our company, on the basis of maintaining the product performance requirements, the alloy steel was changed to save 10% - 20% materials for customers, which greatly saved the cost.

 Tianzhan steel pipe

In terms of the strength of anchor steel pipe, our technicians and customers have gone through 4 months of repeated tests and many technical breakthroughs. The original energy consumption of high-temperature rolling and rapid cold bonding has been improved to low-temperature rolling. Under the condition of maintaining the performance and quality, the strength of steel pipe is improved and the power consumption is saved.

High strength alloy steel 40MnMoV 】:

Under the difficult problem of high strength alloy steel, our company has been researching and conquering the problem of drawing high strength alloy steel 40MnMoV since 5 years ago. 40MnMoV has a super High strength and low elongation In the process of cold drawing, ordinary internal and external Abrasives will be damaged in the first drawing. After many tests and a large amount of investment, our company has successfully solved the problem of difficult drawing, and selected the mold suitable for drawing high-strength alloy steel to provide customers with high-quality alloy seamless steel pipe.

Our company will continue to develop higher strength steel pipe to meet customer demand and save more cost for customers!

Changzhou Tianzhan Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. focuses on the production of seamless steel pipe and steel pipe mechanical parts processing products, and can provide steel pipe production design and solutions for customers. The main products are: cold drawn seamless steel pipe, finish rolling seamless pipe steel pipe, Alloy seamless steel pipe Special shaped seamless steel pipe and anchor steel pipe, etc. Contact information: 151-6111-7830.

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