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How to avoid pockmarks, pits and other defects in seamless steel pipe production process

Back to list Source: Release date: November 13, 2019

Pockmarks and pits seamless steel tube Manufacturing is a common surface quality problem, for pitting, pits in the delivery, if this happens, many manufacturers will say that it is due to the quality problems of the original round steel plant that caused this problem.

 How to avoid pockmarks, pits and other defects in seamless steel pipe production process

seamless steel tube

The selection of round steel for seamless steel tube Manufacturing, may have an impact, but not the final determinant, the real reason lies in this process --- perforation

1. Many manufacturers are not reasonable in the selection of equipment for the piercing furnace. The shorter one makes the round steel unable to be evenly heated, resulting in higher internal and external temperature deviation, affecting the structural change and causing pitting and pitting

2. For the setting of plug, the manufacturer usually adopts inferior plug. The water ejected from the plug directly contacts the internal and external surface of high-temperature steel pipe, and the steel pipe encounters great temperature difference, thus forming internal and external defects, namely, warping or pit

3. In the piercing furnace equipment, small factories do not pay attention to environmental protection and temperature control. For different grades of seamless pipes, they can not timely adjust the adaptability of temperature, thus changing the surface and internal structure of steel grades, resulting in the occurrence of skin warping and pits.

Tianzhan steel pipe pays attention to the selection of piercing furnace equipment. Excellent equipment can avoid pockmarks and pits in the production process of seamless steel pipe, speed up production, and reduce a certain delivery period at the same time. With a longer piercing furnace, round steel is heated evenly and the internal and external temperature deviation is low. High quality plug is used in the second place. Although the cost is high, the perforated capillary has no warping, Pits, from the source, eliminate the surface quality problems that may be encountered in later processing. Finally, good natural gas setting is adopted, environmental protection is not polluted, and different temperature control will be adopted for different steel grades, so as to avoid skin warping and pitting.

Tianzhan steel pipe professional production seamless steel tube For many years, in order to let small and medium-sized enterprises also have high-quality steel pipes, we have been working hard.

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