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How much can the inner hole finish of cold drawn seamless pipe reach

Back to list Source: Release date: November 11, 2019

Cold drawn seamless tube The quality of inner hole finish will bring many troubles to customers, which not only affects the yield of customers, but also affects the quality of finished products. So how much can the inner hole finish of cold drawn seamless pipe reach and which aspects are mainly affected?

 How much can the inner hole finish of cold drawn seamless pipe reach

How much can the inner hole finish of cold drawn seamless pipe reach

Cold drawn seamless tube What is the inner hole finish? This is mainly based on the product requirements of customers. In the hydraulic steel pipe field, the requirements for the inner hole finish of cold drawn seamless pipe can reach rz2.0 mm / m, which many manufacturers can't meet, but Tianzhan can. Why can Tianzhan say so? Which aspects affect the inner hole finish of cold drawn seamless pipe?

Inner hole of cold drawn seamless pipe The main influencing factors of finish are as follows

1. Perforation

Small manufacturers have immature perforation experience, uncontrollable piercing temperature, short piercing equipment, uneven heating of round steel, resulting in large temperature deviation inside and outside the steel pipe, forming pits, pockmarks, warping skin, etc., resulting in poor finish. Tianzhan has a long perforated furnace, and the steel pipe is heated evenly.

2. Cold drawing die

There are defects in the cold drawing die itself, resulting in poor internal finish of seamless pipe. Tianzhan steel pipe uses professional customized precision mold with high precision and good internal and external surface finish after cold drawing.

3. Pickling

Due to the strict environmental protection requirements in recent years, many manufacturers do not have pickling process, have no professional experience, and can only get outside processing. However, they have no data accumulation on the pickling time of steel, so allowing the processing plant to process at will will will lead to the problems such as the impurities inside the cold drawn seamless pipe can not be completely cleaned, or the pits and pockmarks formed by excessive acid. Since its establishment, Tianzhan has a fully enclosed environmental protection pickling tank with 15 years of data accumulation. Different pickling methods and times are available for different steel grades, and the inner hole finish can be guaranteed.

4. Production process

Another important reason affecting the inner hole finish of cold drawn seamless pipe is the deformation of seamless steel pipe during cold drawing. The smaller the deformation, the higher the finish, but the cost will also increase. Some small manufacturers will reduce the processing times in order to make more profits, but Tianzhan is based on the quality and produces according to the actual needs of customers, and the product quality can be seen.

That's all Cold drawn seamless tube Tianzhan Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. has been a steel pipe enterprise with 15 years of production experience. It has provided hundreds of enterprises with high-quality products and excellent production equipment to ensure the production of high-quality cold drawn seamless pipe from the source. Tianzhan can provide you with solutions to the quality problems you encounter at present. Interested welcome to consult.

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