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Thick wall special-shaped pipe factory customized strength

Back to list Source: Release date: December 20, 2019

Thick wall special-shaped round pipe It is a kind of special-shaped seamless steel pipe, which has a wall thickness of more than 5mm. The application time of this kind of seamless steel pipe is not long, but the development time is particularly fast, and the application range is also gradually increasing. Most of the thick wall special-shaped tubes are cylindrical and internal ones. Tianzhan's special-shaped tubes can be mainly divided into three types: outer circle inner hexagon tube, outer circle inner octagon tube, outer circle inner lace pipe, outer circle inner ellipse tube, which can be customized according to customer requirements. So what are the advantages of the thick wall special-shaped pipe and what fields are they suitable for?

 Thick wall special-shaped round pipe

Thick wall special-shaped round pipe

Thick wall special-shaped round pipe What are some of them Why do manufacturers in so many fields use such special-shaped pipes. Its main advantage is that the processing is more convenient, for that kind of special parts can be used directly, there is no need to buy the tube first and then look for the manufacturer to carry out the later special-shaped processing process. In addition, because of the good performance of the thick wall special-shaped pipe, it is mainly used in some high-precision parts. At present, Changzhou has become the main production base of thick wall special-shaped pipe, and Tianzhan is one of the main manufacturers.

Thick wall special-shaped round pipe Because of its complex internal shape, it will be more difficult to machine than general round pipe and special-shaped pipe. Tianzhan steel pipe has 15 years of professional custom-made thick wall special-shaped round pipe, excellent production equipment, rich production experience, and has long-term and stable cooperation with famous automobile parts manufacturers such as BMW and Volkswagen. Looking for thick wall special-shaped round pipe to Tianzhan steel pipe, welcome to consult.

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